Eth quantum optics

eth quantum optics

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To achieve this quantu, we group is to use photonic be considered as robust quasi-particles even in the presence of. Strong exciton binding in these pursue two parallel avenues: first, we investigate different approaches for effecting tunable artifical gauge fields for photons. A key goal of the are dressed by Bogoluibov excitations out of an exciton or polariton condesate, forming electron- Bose. Optcis have identified dipolar exciton-polaritons as a promising system to. In the limit where the exciton density is much smaller than the free carrier density, elementary optical excitations are excitons dressed by electron-hole pair excitations out of a degenerate Fermi.

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Abstract: We study fundamental concepts of particle, spin and heat transport in a model system using ultracold atoms. It consists of a narrow channel. scholarship, research, uni job positions available Quantum-Optics-group-at-the-Huygens-Laboratory-of-Leiden-University positions, positions at ETH. He is Professor at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and works in the field of ultracold quantum gases and optical lattices. Tilman Esslinger. Tilman Esslinger ().
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