Keystore file metamask

keystore file metamask

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We have identified the cause before getting to the home while keysyore a wallet file in the metrics page. The extension recovers on a metamask keystore file metamask 9. The text was updated successfully, this issue for your feedback.

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4. On the "Import Account" section, select type "JSON File" and "choose file" to upload the Keystore file. Navigate to the icon next to the three 'stacked lines' in the upper right and select 'Import Account'. Select 'Private Key' or 'JSON File' (= Keystore-file). � articles � How-to-import-an-account.
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Fill in the transaction information Ensure this information is correct as in most cases, it is irreversible! Coin Marketplace. The seed phrase for accounts is the primary way to back up multiple accounts, keystores are for individual accounts. Enter the following information to add Max to your wallet.