Btfd meaning crypto

btfd meaning crypto

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BTFD Bitcoin?
�Buy The (F*****) Dip� (BTD/BTFD) is a phrase that denotes that the price is on its bottom, and it's a good investment opportunity. This term. Buy The (F*******) Dip (BTD/BTFD) is a phrase commonly used in the crypto world. It. BTFD (or BTD if you're not cool) is an acronym for �Buy the F*cking Dip!�. It refers to traders aggressively buying any asset after it's dropped in price.
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Fiat : Government-issued money. Pump : A rapid price increase believed to be the result of market manipulation, a. In practice, this is far removed from being a coherent trading strategy � owing to the impossibility of pinpointing predictions of every price dip or indeed the unpredictability of the long-term success of any asset. Thus, predicting their market value can be more difficult as they experience frequent price fluctuations. What is Omega in Crypto?