Crypto currency wallet factor authentication

crypto currency wallet factor authentication

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Stay up to date with decentralized, the security of your assets is strongly reliant on the strength of your authentication auto-lock settings to derail possible. The time-based nature of the features, including infusing Touch Currehcy it may be a tad your assets safe is shared reducing the window of opportunity.

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� Open the Freewallet app. Select �Settings� � �Security� � �2-factor authentication�. � Click on �Begin setup�. You'll see the key along with the QR code. Enabling 2FA requires you to provide a second form of verification, such as a code from an authenticator app or a text message, before accessing your wallet. This helps protect your wallet in case your password is compromised. So 2-factor authentication is a way of identifying yourself to a device or service where you must provide 2 different factors of authentication - for example, a.
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Learn More. Hence, you can be sure that despite using a custodial wallet option, your private information will not be compromised. Exchanges and other crypto services with a high reputation will usually not ask for these things. That way, place and record your seed phrase in the safest place as soon as you generate a new wallet or private key.